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AI Content Detector

Our free AI content detector identifies if your content was generated by AI or GPT.

AI to Human Text Converter

Available for Mac, Windows, Chrome, and iOS.

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AI Content Detector

works against tools

Jasper AI

The Best AI Content Detection Tool Trained On Largest Dataset

Based on the largest dataset for analyzing AI versus human-generated content, this tool achieves the highest accuracy, surpassing leading competitors in the accuracy benchmark.

Incorporated Latest Methods To Detect AI Text

NLP Algorithms

Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze the text’s syntax, semantics, and structure.

Advanced ML Models

Machine Learning models to identify patterns and anomalies in the text.

Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis to compare the text to known AI-written content.

Key Features


It delivers highly accurate results, ensuring that your content is analyzed correctly every time.


It can analyze various types of content, making it a versatile solution for all your content analysis needs.


It can handle large volumes of content, making it an ideal solution for businesses with extensive content libraries.

Accurate AI Content

Is Accurate?

Absolutely, our AI content detector is accurate. Its advanced technology and algorithms ensure the authenticity and reliability of its content.


Predicts if content is written by AI or Human

Accurate than other tools

Use Natural Language Processing and AI

Who can use AI Detector?

The AI content detector is ideal for the following groups:

Human Resources

Human resources departments screening job applicants for potential red flags.

Content Writers

Content writers confidently utilize AI checkers to verify the originality and authenticity of their work, maintaining a high standard of uniqueness and integrity.

Social Media Marketers

Marketing teams seeking to optimize and create original content for search engines and social media.

Who can use AI Content Detector?

Here’s what our users have to say.

The AI Content Detector has revolutionized our content analysis process. It’s the best. Highly recommended!


David Thomas

Content Writer

The has delivered an exceptional experience for us. You won’t be disappointed in giving it a try.


Lisa Elizabeth

Content Strategist