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AI Content Detector

Wondering if your content is written by AI? Detect AI/GPT-generated content using our AI Content Detector. Safeguard your work from plagiarism and ensure its originality with a simple click of a button.

AI to Human Text Converter

Available for Mac, Windows, Chrome, and iOS.

ai content detector tool

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Jasper AI

How does AI Checker works?

When it comes to detecting AI-written content, our AI Detector tool typically employs a combination of approaches and techniques. Here are a few techniques:

Perplexity Check

The AI detector compares the perplexity score to a threshold value. If the perplexity score is below the threshold, the AI Checker concludes that the text is more likely to be human-written.

Burstiness Check

Burstiness is a measure of variation in sentence structure and length in a text. AI-generated text often has a high degree of burstiness, meaning that there are long stretches of text with the same or similar sentence structures and lengths.

N-gram Analysis

This method breaks the text down into sequences of N words, called n-grams. AI-generated text often has a lower diversity of n-grams than human-written text.

Accurate AI Content Detector

Is Accurate?

When it comes to accuracy, AI content detectors are generally quite dependable in identifying AI-generated content. They can correctly identify such content with a high level of accuracy, around 90% of the time.

However, it’s important to remember that there might be instances where these AI detectors mistakenly classify human-written content as AI-generated. This can happen if the text closely resembles the writing style commonly associated with AI or if the content has been partially aided by AI tools.


Predicts if content is written by AI or Human

Accurate than other tools

Use Natural Language Processing and AI

Who can use AI Content Detector?

Our AI Content Detector is not only accurate and fast but it also have following reasons for why to use this:


Schools can use AI content detectors to help students avoid plagiarism and to ensure the originality of their work.


Publishers can use AI detectors to check the articles and other content that they publish for plagiarism and to ensure that it is accurate..

Content Writers

Content writers can use AI checkers to check their work for plagiarism and to ensure that it is original.

Social media marketers

Social media marketers and copywriters can use this AI detector free to check is their social media Content is AI-written or human written.

Who can use AI Content Detector

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Using the AI Content Detector has been a game-changer for our content analysis process. It quickly identifies key aspects such as sentiment and tone, saving us hours of manual work. The insights it provides have been invaluable in shaping our content strategy. Highly recommended!


David Thomas

Content Writer

Our experience with the has been exceptional. It goes beyond basic analysis, uncovering hidden insights that we would have missed otherwise. The ability to customize the tool to our specific needs has been a game-changer. It has become an integral part of our content evaluation process.


Lisa Elizabeth

Content Strategist